August 13th 2006August 13th 2006
August 13th 2006August 13th 2006August 13th 2006
August 13th 2006August 13th 2006August 13th 2006August 13th 2006
August 13th 2006August 13th 2006August 13th 2006
August 13th 2006August 13th 2006
August 13th 2006
August 13th 2006August 13th 2006
Aerial of Henderson # 1
Aerial of Henderson # 2
Aerial of Henderson # 3
Aerial of Lunga Point

US veterans 7 Aug 2006
sunrise over Lunga Point 7 Aug 2006
Solomons Police band playing THE MARINE HYMN
Savo Island from US memorial
flags at memorial service 7 August 2006

Arisaka rifle remains
Wildcat propellor
SBD and engine
P400 # 1
P400 # 2
P400 wing
US 75mm gun

Militant home made gun from 1999 -2003 ethnic fighting
relic hunting on Mt Austen
US foxhole on Hill 66 looking west

Bonegi River
WW2 bottles at Bonegi river
Sherman tank # 1
Sherman tank # 2
Sherman tank hits on range
Sherman dedication
Simon and "his" Sherman
Sherman engine
wreck of KINUGAWA MARU at Bonegi # 1
wreck of KINUGAWA MARU at Bonegi # 2
Bonegi beach palms
US dump 1
US dump jerricans
US dump 2
US dump 3
Pete at Bonegi US dump

Edsons Ridge
Aust Army & Police Sightseeing
relics found mid ridge
hills south of Edsons Ridge
more relics
final knoll looking south from mid ridge
how close the Japanese got
walking north along ridge trail
looking west towards Mt Austen
Sue finds a bullet
looking towards final knoll
wire stake at front of ridge
looking west towards ridge from trail to Oct 42 battle area
exploring jungle east of ridge
south of Edsons Ridge
C Company para position
early morning relic search
why you still have to be careful in the long grass
"Bus house" near Edsons Ridge
Henderson Field from Edsons Ridge
US memorial on final knoll (plaque ripped off)
site of ridge trail of well known photo of 4 dead Japanese
Ken Parker (C Company Paras - wounded on ridge and killed Iwo Jima 1945)
Ken Parker # 2
Ken Parker # 3
Machine Gun position on final knoll looking south
Nissen hut east of Edsons Ridge
relic hunting mid ridge
"the smoke of many rice fires"?
ridge trail looking south

Gifu village/Hill 27,Mount Austen
37mm ammo tin lids
barbed wire roll
Betty bomber number
relics # 1
relics # 2
relics # 3
relics # 4
rotted Japanese helmets
plates from Betty bomber 1
plates from Betty bomber 2
Japanese ammo tin and bore brush
relic hunting on Hill 27
relic hunting on Hill 27 # 2
relic hunting on Hill 27 # 3
THIN RED LINE from Hill 27
Thomas relic table # 1
Thomas relic table # 2
Thomas table # 3
Japanese helmets
Wright Road

Henderson Field
Edsons Ridge memorial near control tower overgown
landing in rain
Henderson plaque
wartime control tower
wartime control tower 2
view from Pagoda Hill
leaving Henderson
looking across the field\
the Lunga car wash still open for business
Japanese 75mm AA gun outside terminal
inside terminal 1
inside terminal 2
Qantas at Henderson field

Hill 66
view towards kukum beach
relic hunting
view west from Hill 66
view of Savo island from Hill 66
US memorial on Skyline Ridge
looking south from Hill 66
ration tin on Hill 66

Marston matting in main street
WW2 Coca-Cola bottle stall at market
Lunga Pt and ships in Bay
storm clouds in Ironbottom Bay
dawn at Pt Cruz
Lunga Pt from Hill 83
Matanikau bridge
Matanikau river
US Nissen huts near Matanikau
Douglas Munro MOH battle site
World Peace?
Pt Cruz beach
Point Cruz Yacht club - watering hole
Yacht club sign
Pt Cruz yacht club patron in 1943
thats a knife!!

Ilu River
Alligator track from lagoon to ocean
Ichiki  memorial on east bank
sign near Ichiki memorial
west bank beach
at ilu lagoon
comparing 1942 photos on west bank beach

Kukum Beach
looking towards Cape Esperance and Savo Island
beach rubbish
wrecked boats along beach
scenic kukum
looking towards Pt Cruz

Lunga beach
US pier remains
US pier remains #2
Lunga lagoon
Lunga lagoon #2
Lunga lagoon #3
looking to Lunga point from lunga lagoon beach
wreck of beach
wreck on beach #2
(cyclone victim 2001)
looking west from Lunga point
looking towards Cape Esperance and Savo island

Japanese tank at sandbar
tank wrecks 1942 comparison
tank on Matanikau beach
exploding mines at sandbar
beach area where Goettge patrol was attacked

Solomons Museum
Arisaka rifles
Nambu heavy machine gun
Japanese 20mm gun from Zero
US automatic pistol
US pistol
really rotted Nambu MG
bullet hit propellor
Nambus on tripods
Japanese aircraft MG
Japanese infantry MG
Japanese shell carrier
knee mortar
Japanese 37mm AT gun
US machine guns

Relics 2006
Betty bomber piece
WW2 Coca-Cola bottles
WW2 Beer and Pepsi-Cola bottles
piece of Betty bomber
Japanese belt buckles
Japanese gasmask filter can
Japanese water bottles
a days searching
USMC dogtag
Hill 27/Gifu
Edsons Ridge bullets
Japanese bore brush
Japanese gun items

New Kokumbona bridge
road to Cape Esperance
road past Kokumbona
road near Bonegi River

Tambea Beach (Resort burnt in 2000)
villagers on the beach
Sendai Division memorial
aircraft wreckage
aircraft propellor
road to Tambea
resort remains
Savo island from Tambea

Vilu museum
guns from Japanese transport ships
SBD arrestor hook
Betty bomber nose
Japanese tank turret