B17 over Henderson FieldB17 over Henderson FielldP38 LightningP38 LightningHenderson 1Henderson 2Henderso 3TBF torpedo bomber on Henderson Nov 42artillery barrage 1artillery barrage 2sub chaser in the Baysupply ship off Lungacamp area looking west to Cape Esperancecamp area looking north to Savo island164th Infantry camp areaJohn Hagen with tommy gunsoldier with tommy guntail of shot down Japanese bomberwing section of bomber on beachvillage hutGuadalcanal villagersmortar crew 1mortar crew 2mortar crew 3mortar crew 4mortar crew 5mortar crew 6mortar crew 7B17s OVER HENDERSONCOL. HALL DIRECTING ARTILLERY FIRETOMMY GUNTROOPS ON RIDGETROOPS ON RIDGE 2TROOPS ON RIDGE 3NATIVE HUTSOLDIERWATCHING ARTILLERY BARRAGEBARGES OFFSHOREB17 OVERHEADBEACH OBSTACLETROOPS GETTING INNOCULATION SHOTSMORTAR AT THE MOMENT OF FIRINGP400 FIGHTER OVERHEADTENTS ON RIDGE LOOKING WEST TO CAPE ESPERANCESOLDIER APPROACHING A POSITIONON THE RIDGERISING SUN ON JAPANESE PLANE WRECKAGE ON THE BEACHSOLDIERS 1SOLDIERS 2SOLDIERS 3VILLAGE 1VILLAGE 2ARTILLERY BARRAGE,PROBABLY FALLING ON THE SENDAI DIVISION SOUTH OF THE AIRFIELD IN THE OCTOBER 42 ATTACKMORTAR SHELLS
Mr. John Hagen was a member of the US Army 164th Infantry Regiment.During his time on Guadalcanal he took unique colour footage with his 8mm camera. Any Guadalcanal colour is extremely rare. Over 2.5 hours of 16mm colour was shot by Marine cameramen in 1942, but sadly for posterity it was all lost in transit back to the States.

These still photos from his footage are courtesy of the Hagen Family and the North West Minnesota Historical Society, Minnesota State University, Moorhead.

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