Japanese Zero at Kamimbo BayUS 164th Infantry at COFFIN CORNER 1942 - 2013164th Infantry on Hill 66Transport HIROKAWA MARU at Bonegi beachJeep on Wright Road 1943 - 2013Lunga beach 1942 - 2013Lunga radio tunnrel 1943 - 2013SMS ALBATROS memorial at Tetere 1896 - 2013US Army Infantry marching along a trail on Mt. Austen 1943 - 2013my Norwegian friend Lars on Edsons Ridgeflag on Hill 66 1943 - 2013Lunga beach 2013our taxi driver Stanley on Hill 66foxhole on Hill 66Red beach 1942 - 2013Kamimbo Bay near Cape Esperance, site of the Japanese evacuation.dogtags on Mt. Austen. The villager wanted s$600 each for them.ammunition clipJapanese artillery ammunition boxes37mm shell headsJapanese knee mortar shellsLars does John Basilone impersonation.Japanese mess kitsViking Lars about to plunder unsuspecting villager.Japanese helmets"we have a special price for you".open for business.Japanese Arisaka ammunitionsale time for the crazy white guys.have we got a deal for you!piece of a Betty bomber.sifting through the goodies.Japanese wire cuttersJapanese tooth brushes.coca cola and beer bottlesJapanese bomber radio.Japanese shell cases.Nambu heavy machine gun ammo strips.Japanese shovel headSale time! All stock must go!Japanese helmetsArisaka rifle grenade launcherNambu light machine gun magazinespiece of Japanese helmet linerKukum neach aerial 1942-2013Japanese AA guncoastlineJapanese Transports burning 1942 - 2013